Chapter 10 – The Truth About Mr. Dibbington

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The Truth About Mr. Dibbington

The Truth About Mr. Dibbington

When Snug’s mower strikes a rock, smashing the window to boss Dibbington’s indoor pool, Snug discovers that the billionaire’s pool is overgrown with weeds. Fond of mysteries, Snug investigates and discovers that for the two years he has known Mr. Dibbington (and talked to him via instant message), the reclusive tapir has been dead. Six of the old geiser’s employees have been running his enterprises, reaping profits and keeping his death a secret. Snug seeks out Dibbington’s estranged son, who after some convincing, decides to take over his father’s business and keep Snug and Paddy Paws on staff. Shaken up by the tragedy, Snug ponders the meaning of life and death and wonders how well, if at all, he knew the real Mr. Dibbington.

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