Chapter 13 – Medical Billing

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On To The Exciting World of Medical Billing

Medical Billing

Weasley the weasel gets roped into participating in a medical billing scam, where they have him on the phones trying to extract credit card info in exchange for empty promises. Even his shaky moral compass is disturbed by this (that and critters are yelling at him) and he quits, loses his apartment and moves in with Hug. As he tries to emulate Hug’s laid back life off the grid, Hug feels Weasley’s rickshaw business is a travesty, a fun house mirror version of him that glorifies Villeville for all its empty positives. Hug criticizes him for being such a shill and they almost come to blows. Weasley eventually sees that his enthusiasm and desire to make everyone happy led him to paint a too rosey picture of things.