Chapter Four — Jackass Expenditure

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“Laws are never as effective as habits.” -Adlai E. Stevenson

Hug crosses paths with Happy Snuggletoes, a mayoral candidate for the Robe party, who explains to a small crowd that there would be more money for programs if the City didn’t spend so much cleaning up after Jackasses. Hug recalls his days as a jackass, when he was high on g’oo and part of the ‘roof boccie’ scene that went around smashing windows and reeking havoc in search of a more challenging boccie game. It was during one of these games he met Snugglypoo when an errant boccie ball sailed right up Snug’s ass. Hug takes Snug to the children’s hospital where Snug fills up on pop rocks, causing the ball to come flying out like a bullet destroying the hospital. Hug and Snug flee the scene. A while later, the Megacorp backed incumbent, Polly wins the election, which Hug laments, was “fixed from day one.”