Chapter Three – All In A Day’s Work

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“There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch” -Robert Hindleg

Snug works as a groundskeeper at the estate of a reclusive billionaire. Hug complains about how no one really listens on his tours and decides Snug’s job is probably even more thankless. But Snug actually likes working with his friend Paddy Paws, a goof-off porcupine who would rather pick berries than rake leaves. While giving a tour, Hug’s path is blocked by a caustic mayoral debate, and though he insists he’s not a delivery service, a member of the Wick Party asks him to deliver fliers to campaign headquarters. Sitting in traffic, he reads the fliers, incensed that they are full of lies. He convinces Snug, a self professed ‘wording expert’, to help him print up a more honest version, and they deliver those to campaign headquarters instead.