Chapter Two – The Complaint

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…all progress depends on unreasonable critters…” -George Bear-nard Shaw

“You guys suck. Get your act together” is the aimless complaint Hug writes on a napkin. Snugglypoo sees it as a legitimate call for change and goads Hug to take it to City Hall. On the way, they run into Shermanist, contraband g’oo bootleggers, riddling transcendentalists, and a rehab mongering weasel. All the while, behind closed doors, Megacorp is meeting with mayor Polly to get his support for Kindnesse. Polly correctly surmises they’ve thrown support behind his political rival Pappy Snuggletoes too. Hug and Snug deliver the complaint napkin, but Hug is convinced it was a pointless exercise. In a bizarre turn, the aimless napkin causes Polly to give a second look at Kindnesse.