Chapter One – The Beginning

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It’s never too late to follow the train tracks out of town.

Huggins is a bear on the edge: addicted to g’oo, suffering withdrawals and living in a tree. Discarded billboards tell the story of g’oo, a drink designed by Megacorp to make critters feel good, which eventually results in Megacorp owned rehab clinics. Huggins tries to enjoy coffee with his doggedly optimistic hippo friend Snugglypoo, but is concerned their favorite Deli (now owned by Megacorp) will switch to cheaper beans. Hug recalls the days when he first came to the city of Villeville with dreams of becoming a trolley car tour guide. When he discovered the trolley hadn’t run in years, he built a rickshaw and started his own tours, blasting the city for its corruption. A shady figure, Wiley Willy inspires Huggins to turn his little tour business into a full-fledged enterprise, but disappears sticking Hug with the expenses.